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Poached pickled herring 89,-

Warm fried herring 89,-

Traditional marinated herring 79,-

Marinated spiced herring 89,-

Marinated herring in a curry mayonnaise 79,-

Warm fillet of plaice with remoulade 109,-

Warm fillet of plaice with Prawns (shrimps) and asparagus 139,-

Smoked Salmon 129,-

Gravlax with dill mustard 129,-

Prawns (shrimps) with mayonnaise 98,-

Smoked eel with scrambled egg 165,-

Warm homemade liverpâté with bacon and mushrooms 89,-

Rolled and pressed belly of lamb (a Danish luncheon speciality) 89,-

Smoked leg of lamb with scrambled eggs 95,-

Brined beef with pickles and grated horseradish 95,-

Roast Beef and soft fried onions with remoulade 95,-

Roast Beef with fried egg 95,-

Steak tartare with raw egg yolk 129,-

Paris steak: minced steak fried together with
a white bread slice and topped with raw egg yolk 139,-

Chicken in mayonnaise on white toast 89,-

Warm Danish meatballs with pickles 89,-

Roast rib of pork with pickles and cooked red cabbage 109,-

Egg with curry mayonnaise and Prawns (shrimps) on white toast 76,-

The Veterinarian’s night snack: liver pâté, topped with salt beef, jellied beef stock, pickles 89,-

Ham and fried egg 89,-

Pork brawn with pickled beetroot
(only available from 1 October to end of January) 89,-

Danish Salami 66,-

Rolled and pressed belly of pork with stock jelly (a Danish luncheon speciality) 66,-

Egg and tomato with chives 84,-

Mild cheese 89,-

Camembert 89,-

Deep fried camembert 95,-

Gorgonzola with raw egg yolk 109,-

Old Danish cheese with rum(lard/butter) 95,-

Roquefort with raw egg yolk 95,-

Bread and butter 20,-